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Thomas Crane (born March 15, 1998) is from Williamsville Buffalo, New York. He was a full-time college student-athlete[1] before pursuing his career in the arts.

Early Life

Thomas got into videography by going to a Chainsmokers concert and met a videographer named Rory Kramer who recorded the performance. Thomas began to make fun videos with his friends, and bought a camera, also interested in photography. He started to experiment with photoshop, which ultimately became his passion.[2]


Thomas Crane is a photographer/videographer, and went on the American Idol Tour with In Real Life. He met the band at a radio show in Buffalo, and the members liked his pictures. After the tour, Thomas started to attend school, but dropped out, which he admitted over a livestream. He founded/designed Real Nobody, a clothing brand established in 2019.[3] He is currently working with Foreo, a multi-national beauty brand.


As director

Year Title Distributor
2019 "Lucky You" -
"I'm So Tired... (Undecided)"
"Do or Die"


  • "As we get older we become more aware of what others think of us. Commonly, we let others’ perceptions of us affect how we carry ourselves and we become too concerned with their feelings about us. The people you want to attract are those who love you for you. Be yourself." — July 17, 2018


★ He graduated from Williamsville North High School.

★ He loves Twenty Øne Piløts.

★ He used to draw and paint when he was little.

★ He can create tattoos.[4]