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Template:Infobox Band The Boyband Project (shortened to BBP) was a pop boy band that first formed in March 2013, having different members over the three active years. It was managed by Nasri Atweh from the production team "The Messengers". They released a single called "Find That Girl", which was directed by Baxter Stapleton.[1][2]

For the original BBP members, Zac Mann left first, followed by the rest to pursue a solo musical career. Chance Perez - a later member - left for personal reasons, assumedly because of the birth of his daughter, Brooklyn.


2013-2014: Formation

Mathias Anderle and Nick Dean knew each other before in a previous group that did not work out. Their manager put all five boys together, finding three of them over YouTube. Zack Mann and Levi Mitchell, who were both solo artists before the band, already knew each other through an event. Their band name was a placeholder, but later grew on them.[3]

The members broke up due to differences in February 2014. The management looked for new members ages between 15-19.[4] With the new five-piece set, they released six music covers, including Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" and One Direction's "Steal My Girl".

2015: Departure

Colton Stevens was the first member to leave in the later group. The band departed some time after.



  • Levi Mitchell
  • Brandon Pulido
  • Nick Dean
  • Zac Mann
  • Mathias Anderle


  • Chance Perez
  • Colton Stevens
  • Aaron Pierce
  • Jordan Perez
  • Tyler Reardon



  • 2013: “Find That Girl”

Music Videos

  • 2013: “Find That Girl”


  • According to their band mates, Brandon can hit the highest note and Zac can hit the lowest.
  • Zac spends the longest time getting ready.
  • Nick admits he's not good at keeping a straight face.[5]