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TMPTR (pronounced "Tempter") was a musical group comprised of brothers Santino, Gianni, and Dante Cardinale. Their name was formerly "Thr3Card". In 2016, they released the single "Is It Too Late?"


2015-2018: Appearances

TMPTR sang the National Anthem at the very first game of the Las Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL.[1]

2018: Band Departure

On November 11, 2018, the band split up in mutual agreement. Their last final group performance was on December 14, 2018, with a special appearance by J Hype.[2][3]

Hey everyone, we have an announcement to make. After some discussion, we have agreed that it would be best to bring our group TMPTR to an end. We decided this because we want to pursue different dreams in life, each requiring different paths. We made this decision as a group and on good terms, agreeing to support each other in whatever we do.

Dante aspires to go to college and will be focusing on his academics. He will be leaving next fall and needs this time to prepare for the extensive application process.

Gianni will be continuing with his music career, but as a solo artist. Although he lves performing with his brothers, he wants to develop and grow as a soloist.

Santino will continue with his music career as a soloist but has a passion for producing music. He is starting his own production company and will be making music for other artists as well.

We'd like to thank everyone that has been there for us along our twelve-year journey. We are so grateful and hope you will support each of us in the nest chapter of our lives.

Santino, Gianni, & Dante - The Cardinale Brothers




  • 2016: "I Got You" (feat. Sean2 Miles)
  • 2016: "Is It Too Late?"
  • 2018: "Ain't The Same"


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