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― To: everybody — You guys made me and the guys feel so special and it means the world to us that everyone constantly pulls up to all the shows [...] You guys mean so much to me. I know I said this to a group of people a while ago, but you all truly make me feel so much better when I get to see you. I hope that we can go up to the top together and experience many more amazing memories as a whole.[src]

Sergio Aguilar Calderon, Jr. (born October 6, 2000) is a Latin-American singer-songwriter. After being crowned as one of the winners of ABC’s reality competition TV series Boy Band in 2017, he became a member of the group, In Real Life. Sergio was a promising soccer player at his school but in 2016, decided to give it all up so he could pursue music.

Early Life

Sergio Calderon was born in Redwood City, California to Sergio Calderon Sr. and Josefina Calderon. His father is from Monterrey, and his mother from Guanajuato. His parents migrated from Mexico to the United States in order to give their children a better chance in life.[1] He has a twin brother named Joseph and two elder sisters: Yeni Jimenez (born November 27, 1986) and Sabrina Calderon (born July 2, 1997).

Since he was a child, Sergio has been performing at his church and participating in Redwood City’s Fourth of July parade as a singer.[2]


2014-16: Early Beginnings

Sergio had been experimenting with YouTube for awhile, setting up a channel back in November 2014. His first music video published was One Direction's "Night Changes" when he was fifteen years old.[3] The channel received a lackluster response. Despite this, he was undaunted and set up a second account on March 21, 2016, and began uploading videos four days later, accumulating a modest following. During this period, Sergio also regularly performed on Theatre Way in downtown Redwood City.

2017-present: In Real Life

In 2017 he participated in ABC's music competition series Boy Band, which pitted 30 young male vocalists against each other to find five eventual winners who would form a new band, and get a record deal with Hollywood Records. Before being contacted for the show, he went through the process of another singing competition - The Voice - to perform on television, but turned it down. "This [Boy Band] is going to be worth it one day" he announced in his video sent to producers of The Voice.[4]

Personal Life

Sergio attended Woodside Priory School in Redwood City, California, and graduated in 2018 along with his twin brother. During high school he was interested in soccer, playing as the midfielder.[5] He was additionally the team captain, and a good enough player to catch the attention of several college scouts. However, in 2016, he made the decision to set aside soccer so he could completely focus on music. In an interview with San Mateo Daily Journal, he stated, "I just decided to let that all go and start from scratch."[6] In a Summerfest interview, Sergio reflected, "I made the decision to stick to music while watching a One Direction video. They were playing Wembley Stadium, and I got chills seeing them. I thought, I’ve got to do this."[7] The subsequent conversation with his parents proved to be difficult, as they expected him to proceed in the athletic path. Eventually, they came to fully support him, as did his siblings.



Year Title Role Notes
2017 Boy Band Himself 10 episodes



  • "What's a kink?"[11]
  • "Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of the greatest writers of English - no he's not!"[12]
  • "Am I thinking of getting Gucci flops. Nah, dude. I'm not one of those guys. I won't get them. Actually you never know, I might - I'm probably saying that right now and might get them sometime but I don't know. So I don't know."[13]
  • "It's spelled 'r-e-e-c-e-s.'" - Sergio spelling "Reese's"[14]
  • "I think there's more [fans] past that bush."
  • "Chance is making me miss my DS and I need it now."[15]
  • "Just accidentally walked into the women’s restroom, very embarrassing lol"[16]
  • "I technically have a little break in between all of our solos during the show and I’m spending that time eating Oreos lol"[17]


★ His height is 5'8.

★ He has a pet husky named Hunti (born October 30, 2013), who is currently 7 years old.[18]

★ He likes loves dino nuggets, along with chicken tenders.

★ He loves High School Musical, which is presumably his favorite movie(s) ever. His favorite scene is when Troy goes to Stanford for prom.[19]

★ His favorite color is maroon.[20]

★ His favorite accessories are watches.[20]

★ His favorite meal of the day is breakfast.[21]

★ His favorite food is Chinese food.

★ His favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough.

★ His favorite school subject was Choir. He admitted that he was "not good at school" but still tried his best.[2]

★ He has been drumming since he was six.[22]

★ He played at more concerts than he has been to.[2]

★ His perfect date is a picnic in the park.[23]

★ His twin brother Joe, who also sings, recovered from ACL surgery in 2017.[1]

★ Joseph got him a ring for his first live show.

★ Among his band mates, Sergio is considered to be the mother of the band.

★ A lot of people tell him that he looks like Bruno Mars.[1]


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Notes and References

  1. Sergio has commented on various lives that the "Jr" is after his first name, rather than at the end.
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