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Santino Cardinale (born October 30, 1998) is from Las Vegas, Nevada. He has two brothers: Gianni Cardinale (born August 7, 2000), and Dante Cardinale (born July 16, 2001). He graduated from his performing arts high school in 2017. Later that year, he made it in the top 30 on Boy Band, but was eliminated in the first episode.

Cardinale formed a boy band with his younger brothers called TMPTR; they have singles such as "Is It Too Late?" and "I Got You." The band split in November 2018, each to pursue their own dreams. Santino plans on being a solo musician, but also a music producer. His first single as a solo artist is "Want You" (November 2018), which was written and produced by him.[1]


  • 2018: "Want You"


★ Santino is known as the joker of the family.

★ Santino is the oldest brother and is the one who helps with the production of the group's music.

★ His musical influences are the Jackson 5, The Beatles, Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber.

★ Santino can play the piano and some drums.

★ If he's not on stage performing, he's usually rehearsing with his brothers.

★ His schedule consists of school, rehearsing, working out, and performing, nothing more.[2]

★ He was a student at CSN, majoring in communications.[3]