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Lukas James is an American singer-songwriter. He was born on September 26, 2001, in Sarasota, Florida. When he attended high school, he joined a musical trio. They went on tours across New Orleans and sang as an opening act for artists like Brian McKnight.[1]

He is the youngest of four siblings, and has a fraternal twin brother named Matthew. He released the singles "Speechless" and "Don't Say" to iTunes and Spotify. He auditioned for Boy Band in 2017, eliminated in the first episode.


★ This young talent found his voice after overcoming severe acne. Since his first time singing to a girl he had a crush on, he hasn't stopped yet.

★ His experience with acne was very traumatic, especially since he was in his first year of high school. He felt like an outcast and didn't want anyone to notice him.

★ After some intense treatment, life has finally started for Lukas. He has his confidence back and he sings everywhere he can.

★ Shawn Mendes inspired him to play acoustic guitar.

★ He taught himself to play keyboard and guitar and is a straight A student.

★ He has duel citizenship with Canada and the United States.

★ His nickname when he was a kid was Lizard Boy because he used to catch lizards and put them on his ears.

★ His parents separated at a very young age and he now spends equal time with his mom and dad.

★ He got on the show boy band when the producer of the show noticed his YouTube video where he performed “Cupid.” It impressed him and he contacted him via email.

★ He has dual citizenship.

★ He took part in the talent competition “Tiger Idol” arranged at his school as he was a member of the musical theater class.

★ He appeared on the cover of the VIBE magazine together with Kendrick Lamar.[2]