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“I put my heart into this. Thank you all so much for the continuous support it truly means the world. It’s gonna be a fun journey -CS”
― Conor Smith, January 2019

"Lucky You" is a song recorded by Eminem from his 2018 album, Kamikaze. It features guest vocals from American rapper Joyner Lucas.

Conor Michael Smith created a freestyle to the instrumental audio, first performing it live at the event X-Mas with Cassidy with the first three verses, and showed a preview of it over an Instagram livestream back in October 2018.[1] In 2019, he released two videos over his YouTube channel, the first being removed without any public statement. Smith posted another video, this time shot on a roof of a building. Both videos were directed by Thomas Crane.


On January 15, 2019, Smith posted a clip of his freestyle, revealing the video to be officially released on YouTube January 18, 2019.[2] The video was styled like Eminem's Kamikaze cover art album but added with "Michael Conor" and "CLE", standing for Cleveland, his hometown. Due to the particular lyric "all y'all racist", which caused controversy in the comments, he removed the video off of his channel.

Later on January 25, 2019, he posted a new video with the lyric taken out. He sported a white Real Nobody sweater and balaclava, a clothing brand founded by Thomas Crane. In March 2019, Smith stated that the remix explained what he was doing.[3] Lyrically, the remix is about proving himself and to bring "real" rap back.

Music Video

The one-take music video was posted on January 25, 2019, directed by Thomas Crane. It attained one million views in the second week of April 2019.


I'm back on my rappin' and shit
So many rappers are claiming they trap and are really just acting and shit
I put the pen in the pad then I'm back to the lab with my passion and shit
And I gotta give 'em my all if they give me the ball, ain't passin' that shit
Everybody used to call me a joke and that's how it goes, but what can I say
Anyone who ever doubted me, sayin' they proud of me, better get out of the way
I got way too many people who was never with me tryna tell me never to change
Different city every week, tour on repeat, my life is never the same
They don't care about what's real, even my skill, told me to get your numbers up
Then I went to sign a deal, I got some appeal, now I'm really comin' up
Label told me that they want some shit that hits them hard, I gave 'em an uppercut
'Cause I am comin' for the neck of every single rapper, you can never shut me up

I've been on a roll and I be killin' all these motherfuckers left to right though
Was gone for a minute but I'm back in fight mode
They be tryna snatch the mic though
But I can spit a verse and I'll have your mind-blown
You do not want to get on my bad side, my punch lines will give you a black eye
Said I couldn't rap 'cause I'm not a black guy, but I grew up in the heights, if you ask that's why[note 1]
Look I be racin', y'all be riding the waves
And I am not so basic, I am not complacent, think it's time to face it
All these up and comers think they run the game, I'm running out of patience
Everybody tryna copy paste it, I'm the only me, so you cannot replace it, you just jog your races[note 2]
Every verse I spit is 'boutta cause some hatred but it's awesome ain't it
Everybody always askin' me, how do I deal with the pressure
I tell 'em too many times, too many lies, and I do not find it impressive
I just embody rhymes, give me a sign, and I put a line on a stretcher
They want a piece of the pie, give 'em a slice, and now we got beef over cheddar

Too many people are countin' on me, so I had to go and get my hunger back
'Cause ain't nobody really rappin' anymore, swear to God I had enough of that
Like whatever happened to spittin' fire, gettin' sick and tired of the mumble raps
So I'm makin' a promise to give 'em my everything, even if I don't get nothin' back
'Cause every time I'm on the mic, I'm an immortal god, this shit is more than a job
2019, I'm tryna get even, I'm easily beating the odds
Shout-out to all of my teasers who told me I couldn't, they were just feeding me lies
Sorry to all of my peers who weren't on the wave but I had to leave them behind
Had to pick it up we'll be gone in a quick minute
Like get lost or get with it
I'm makin' them cough, I'm sick with it
Can't put me in a box, my limit is infinite, but I'm on my grind, gotta take my steps
Waste no time and I waste no breath
All I do is rhyme, never chase a cheque
'Cause all I want is to gain respect

This is all from the heart, this is more than an image
Treat every game like a playoff, even if it's a scrimmage
I'm in this for the culture, y'all chase after percentage
Challenge me, I'll leave you bleeding like the end of a sentence
I didn't catch that line, it's a period, chill, it ain't that serious
When I write a verse, I try to convert everyone who's hearing it
I want to be one of the greatest ever, tryna take the state of rap and make it better but to do that it's like tryna change the weather so my goal is to stay forever

I'm just a kid with a flow, I'm just a kid with a goal
I'm just a little white boy from the Land but they lookin' like they seen a ghost
You would've thought I was gettin' this bread, with the way I've been on a roll
Regardless of how many dollars I'm earning, I still be workin' like I'm broke[note 3]
Everybody want a piece of this but they ain't work long nights, no sleep for this
I got a whole family I wanna feed with this, I had to pass mixtapes on the street for this
With so many doors shut on repeat for this, I'm a dog, but I'm comin' off the leash for this
I'm the man in my city, like Bruce Wayne, I'm runnin' like Usain, your veins can't compete for this
And y'all don't know what to expect, but judging by the way that I'm actually rappin', as soon as you listen to it
You be thinking it's hard to believe that it's actually happening
I am attacking it like it's a dragon and I got the javelin, bitch I am accurate
They just like, "Man, this kid is immaculate"
Understand that none of this happened on accident

They word it drizzy back in '09 'cause I want this shit forever
And when they talk about pioneers, I'll be one of the artists that they remember
Shout-out to Joyner Lucas for the inspiration, you be keeping this shit together
And shout-out the YBNs, and the Tokens, and all the youngins that been puttin' effort
I'mma make sure that I thank you all if I ever see your ass out in public
So many gimmicks, it's really refreshing that y'all got the passion I fell in love with
And I ain't sayin' everything is wack, but recently I question a readjustment
'Cause the game, it turned into a fashion show where you need color dreads if you want to run it

Gimme a minute to finish it, I'll take a beat and diminish it, and everybody sayin' why they never reaping the benefits
But I gotta get a bench so everybody'll benefit, 'cause I feel like they ain't really seen a kid in his element
'Cause the game been lacking passion, let's just rap again
And it's time to put that real shit that you feel back on the map again
So I'm back again like

Notes and References

  1. Smith feels that people underestimate him because he's white, and wants to prove himself. He mentioned that he hadn't told anyone of writing until he was fifteen. Upon moving to Cleveland, people were supportive, which surprised him.
  2. This lyric suggests that songs are becoming the same and that authenticity is hard to come across. Smith emphasizes on originality and how people need to have truth in their lyrics rather than it being meaningless.
  3. Smith addresses how fame can change people, but it can all be gone in an instance. He still works until he's "broke" meaning that he has to remain the same as he was before recognition and money, as well as continue to work his hardest.
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