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― There are moments when I'm just writing stuff and I go into another world [...] The words that I say [...] I try to feel them and that's ultimately what I think separates artists from each other and the greats from the not-so-greats. How am I supposed to believe you if you don't even believe what you're saying?

Conor Smith is mostly known as the rapper in the band. In a Zach Sang Show interview, it is revealed that he writes his raps in a book. There is a distinction between writing for the band, and for his own freestyles ("Do or Die" versus "Crazy AF"), which he once explained in an interview. He doesn't stick to one genre, valuing the versatility of his writing skills.[1]

Boy Band

Michael Conor and JHype Freestyle

Yo, yo, I'm in your veins like poison
I'm like America put me in the boy band
Yeah, yeah, I brought the boys in
I got the crowd they screaming bring the noise in
I'm with my boys, chillin' on the backstreet
We're just chillin' kicking rhymes on the backseat
Uh, in my own way I'm going right through it
Old school flow I'm just adding some baby spice to it
Uh, and the music was always in the plans
Dreaming of writin' and cuttin' records with Timbaland
And as for Rita, you know I'm going up the top I'm like cheetah
Racing fast you know that you couldn't beat us
I promise we'll be your leaders
You know I'm going Adidas
Rocking it so I'm stopping it, never be prominent
Know that I'm really dominate
Know that I'm never stopping it
And I'm goin'

Six Track - "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back"

How come everybody wanna test me?
Like I ain't got a reason to be killing them
Never keeping a hundred, 'bouta keep a million
Ain't nobody was on now everybody be filling them
We're the best Six Track on the map now (map now)
Head a minute now they wonder where it's at now (at now)
Stand back 'cause we only attack now
Better know that nothing's ever holding me back now like

Boy Band Medley - "Candy Girl"

My girl's like candy, a candy treat
She knocks me high up off my feet
She's so fine, as can be
I got B right to the left of me like

Topline - "Despacito"

Yeah, check
See I ain't too religious, but I swear to God she a goddess
Got a persona so flawless
She make it young and astonished
For real, got me losing my mind I'm going crazy
I just wanna be with you, I've been thinking about you lately
Baby, I just wanna get to know you better
They say opposites attract, so maybe we can go together
All it takes is some time but that's something we have poquito
At the top of the line, we stoppin' estás conmigo

Third Wheel - "Fighter"

I'm driven by a lack of respect
But never focused on the negative
I'm asking what's next
'Cause what's left is nothing much so I gotta pick up the pace
And fully show what I can do instead of wait

Can't stop, won't stop
Never satisfied till I land on top
Gotta give the world everything I've got
Better put up a fight if you tryna to take my spot

Architect Medley

Baby girl
I ain't got a huge old house I rent a room in a house
But listen baby girl
I don't got a motorboat but I can float your boat
So listen baby girl
If you want a dose of me, you want some more MC
Listen baby girl
When I make it I want you back, want you back

Final Performance - "Can't Hold Us"

It's time to face it
Came a long way but I'm not complacent
Giving everything I got
Everybody say stop
Then you start to run out of patience
Gotta make sure no time is wasted
I don't have to be mad 'cause this life's amazing
Now I get to rap in front of legends man,
How's that for the confirmation?
People gotta understand this is more to me than just fame though
I hear chit-chat, talking this and that
But it ain't none of that unless I say so
Never slowing it down, that line is all I can see
Overlooked the kid
But now there’s all eyes on me


Total Request Live

Saw IRL up on MTV
And I'm gonna feel like all these other rappers envy me
Yeah I'm feeling like the Bronx
'Cause I'm the MVP
Better put our new song on your MP3
You don't get the picture
You should probably call the camera man
I'm in the booth firing like assassinating Abraham
Lightin' up and spinning fire as usual
Always gonna keep it true to you
The real is not disputable
And I'm the camera
Know that we're really killing it
Off of TRL and the whole place feeling it
Yeah we're really doing it
Yeah I'm really going off the top of the mind
And I'm never stopping it
You know that I'm out

Zach Sang Show

I'm innovating and changing the game
Who else you know playing the strings and making a name
But ain't everything ever change I'm staying the same
For every kid who got a dream I'm making a lane
Yes, I came to impress
Even though my foot's in the door I'm still remaining a threat
Man I got so much in store and I ain't taking a step back
No matter who's up in front of me
'Cause in a couple years the same ones will be under me
All it takes is a little patience
I been in the lab got no time for no vacations
And it seems like these days I got a lot on my plate
I stay hungry all these other fools ain't got what it takes

Promise I'll be your problem
Ain't no way you can stop it
'Cause I'm the hottest
I'm being honest, swear to God man I got it
Hopping on every beat and like everybody
I'm dropping atomic
Empty pockets awaiting the day I sign on the dotted
Yeah, and I don't do it for the positive profit
I do it so in ten years I'm remaining a topic
Got the whole place shook
What will they do it without it
I don't know what I'm saying but I just go and I shot it
I'm with my boys, yeah we're In Real life
Y'know Imma do this and I'm feeling so right
Is this real life? It doesn't feel right
Know that Imma go and I still fight
I'm tryna be the best, never less
Never live with regrets
Everybody know I'm never satisfied with success
'Cause I be chasing my goals
And I be chasing my dreams
Gotta do it man, I'm manifested by any means
And I gotta do this
Man I just got it off the top
Know that I be flowing and I'm never gonna stop
Throw me words Zach Sang so I can keep it ongoing
Never know which direction I'm flowing and I'm really Goth
And I'm really not

Uh, look
I try to tell you all this is more than a game
Rappers got it wrong there's a lot more to be gained
And I might be successful if I could afford a new chain
Y'all should pay attention but you can't afford a new brain
See, this a mental state
And I don't want to see another kid caught up in money because he's too focused on getting big
'Cause it's really not about the money you got, it's how you get it
And it's not about your life but it's about how you live it
See, there's a difference and I need you all to understand
That there's no point in complaining if you ain't got a plan
And I can only do so much
I'm running out of hands
There's a bigger picture
Don't take for granted the crowd of fans
They're waiting on us, looking to us as inspiration
So what's the use of going up if you ain't participating
I understand you made it out of a tough situation but you finally did it, boy, you got it
Now let's kill the nation
Hit the road we got stories to tell
Man, it'll kill me if you ever spent a morning in jail
I know you're better than that, yeah, your time proves it
But what's the point of having skill if you don't even use it
Man, I wanna see you win, I wanna see you shine,
I wish you didn't have need to think about your money all the time
I wanna see you grow, I wanna see you prosper
I wanna see you happy, give everything to your daughter
I just cannot express how much it means to me
I know you got your own views of what it seems to be
And I just wanna let you know I'm in this for the long run
The day we get a hit, I swear that shit would be a home run, huh
I can't wait, I know that it's coming
And I am in this for a reason, I ain't joining for nothing
Look, time is of the essence don't be watching the clock
Take this advice one day and I'll see you all at the top

Z90 Interview

He said element
Every time I'm spitting on the mike you know it’s never irrelevant
No one's stepping on the mike like this
Know that Imma kill it turn it to gold like a Midas
Killing everybody man, I really might just
Going off the top, man you couldn't do it like this
High hat, like that, Imma get it right back
Every time I do it you know that I gotta find that
Find that like I'm searching for it
I'm like a herbivore
Know it 'cause the green is what I'm working for
I don't even know, I don't even know

See I've been going off the top
And I be breathing slow
Breathing like I been dragging my pansack
In the bandwagon and the fans clapping in the pansackin
You know I'm never going like that
I'm really flowing like that
And I be going in the zone
And I be going right back
I got Chance to the left, I got Brady to the right
Got Drew, got Serg, and my mind is outta sight
And I got my man, you gotta wear the black hat
Know that Imma do it I'm spittin' these mad facts
Like two plus two is four
I don't even know what I really said but it's okay

Tony Dandrades

At here with In Real Life
No we chillin' with the homies
At an interview, yeah, we're kickin' it with Tony
Yeah we're in In Real Life
We ain't never phony
We're In Real Life, yeah, you better know me

Good Morning America

Lasagna, man I'm feeling like some natural
Feeling so [?]
Man I think I really got'cha
I'm like a lobster, red with the flow
You know Immma go and get it
I'm never gonna let it go
Know I'm gonna do it head-to-toe
He said 'go' now
Going so fast I think I gotta slow down
If you didn't know the name well I think you know now
Yes, In Real Life and it's really how we go down

Tonight Belongs to You Tour

I just want to thank my idols who inspired me to start
Thank you Nasir J for teaching me to write what’s in my heart
Thank you Em for showing me that I can rip a beat apart
And even though I’m white I can still reach the top of every chart
Thank you Drake for always staying true to other fans
And MGK for showing me that I can make it out the land
I see a lot of me and you, that’s because I look up to you so much
We went to the same high school
Now both of us are blowing up
And Sean taught me don’t forget about your fam
This lifestyle’s hard for anyone to understand
Cole taught me almost every lesson about the fame
And Logic honestly just flipped my whole perspective of this game
When he called me on the phone I knew my dream was meant to be
He’ll never understand what that truly meant to me
Took me under his wing and treated me like I belong
I grew up idolizing him
I know the words to every song
And now I’m in the same position showing kids that if they listen
To the voice inside their head then they can break out the system
Have the life they always wanted
Never worry about a job
‘Cause if your work is what you love then you ain’t ever working hard
This is a choice
But you gotta make it before it’s too late
‘Cause there’s a million kids who tryna get the dream while you wait
Time is of the essence, don’t be watching the clock
Take this advice and one day I’ll see you all at the top

I got way too many messages, I need some privacy
Try to say I ain't the coldest, why the hell you lying to me?
If you can't step in these shoes, I don't need you advising me
But they be hating me 'cause greatness is what I’ve been trying to reach
But I am me, I am me
Who knew I could flow it like Cardi B?
If y'all get offended then pardon me, but out when I send no apologies
‘Cause honestly I've been trying to get it, but as soon as you got it they want a piece
And all these people be counterfeited, acting like gratuity with all the cheats
Look everybody hating but when they hate it's anonymous
Gotta pick up this pace so when all you people acknowledge it
Like just a year ago my parents were talking about colleges, y'all can say I found a way to acknowledge it
Switching the flow, keeping a hundred never settling for the score
But what do I know? I'm just a youngin' who is chasing his goals
Out on the road, out with my bros
And we aiming for the top and staying focused
Though money wasn't only the motive
But we hustle for it getting checks and bonuses
We just trying to be the best you know it
Pick up the pace and keep a steady motion
I was taught to use every hate I had for motivation
Make them all stupid that’s my ultimatum no way
This a homicide, killing every single beat and note
I won’t apologize for the money or the fame, I will never compromise but these rappers switching up as soon as they see dollar signs
Sometimes I look at my past and honestly it really hurts 'cause people told me I was nothing
That's why I put my everything into every verse
Soon as you make a wave all the copycats all try to surf
Limbo under that, you should be stopping that
I'll make it how come you're going in reverse
I wasn't born with mud, my entire life these haters trying to throw me dirt
I'm not here because look, I got it because I had the dream to put in the work
I got the skill, I can just make a song without even ever writing a curse
And I was never satisfied with secondary, it's a loss about coming first

Kidtopia/D23 - "One Thought Away"

Conor created a freestyle for Asher Angel's song, "One Thought Away" for the performance in Sacramento, due to Wiz Khalifa unable to make it. He performed it again on August 23rd for the Disney Expo.

You just got a different connection
We work from the same road,
But go in different directions
You obviously even know
I've been changing my whole perspective
Girl you always coming first, there ain't a point of second-guessing
That ain't a question
Whether or not I think this all gonna work
If I don't reply I need some time to figure out what it's worth
Don't you cry, I need some time
I give it my all, you one of a kind
I body a rhyme
I give the mic
And I kill it one hundred percent of the time
You always on my mind, everywhere that I go
See you ain't gotta carry every little thing on your own
And after all we got each other, that's our reason to grow!
So either reason we're sleeping it or

WKYC Cleveland

It must be nice waking up to the fast life
On the phone with Mom talking about all the past fights
There were some times where I ain't know how to act right
That's why I'm treating every single day like a last night
I don't want to look back and it never happened
When you want something so bad you just gotta have it
Man, I'll be broke before I ever try to fake a passion
'Cause what's a fight without a purpose, dawg, I ain't no actor
I can't imagine what it's like having a simple mindset
I know that there's some greater heights that I just haven't climbed yet
People hated on me back when I was playing ball
Like why they tryin' be coach when they never played it all?
'Cause I know Imma get it some way, tryin' to tell myself that'll it happen one day
And I don't really care what anybody gonna say, the haters gonna hate but I know that's okay
'Cause the credibility and respect is all I need
This is from the heart, this is a part of me
And forget the radio I wanna follow reach, like forget the drums and ways just let me speak
I had to fight, I had to pray


"Thank U, Next" Freestyle

Conor Smith and Cassidy King covered part of Ariana Grande's song, "Thank U, Next" where Conor created a freestyle. They filmed it in a parking lot in a middle school on December 16, 2018, and the video accumulated 1M views in one night on Twitter when first posted. As of July 2019, it has over 4.8 million views. Later in December, they performed it live at the event, X-Mas with Cassidy.

Spend ya whole life searching for the correct one
It's hard to find a man chasing love and affection
So you go to parties every night tryna get some
That's why you tell them thanks and it's on to the next one
No more stress
And baby girl I got love for ya
Ain't no Khalid but Imma try and be the one for ya
When you're in need I'll be your Superman and come for ya
And do it right just like everything I've done for ya
I know that you been having issues with your ex and all
You get a text and call
And then there's stress involved
He put his money into diamond and pearls
If I had all the time in the world, then I'd invest it all
'Cause you're a superstar
And if I wrote a song about you it'd be super hard
Forget a man in the house I'm putting you in charge
It's not a problem with me
Don't wanna rush, I can follow ya lead
Just keep it honest with me

"Undecided" Remix

Conor posted a video over his Twitter of his remix of Chris Brown's 2019 single, "Undecided".[2]

'Cause there's a part of me telling me that I shouldn't like it
When you know you want it bad but you still try to hide it
I should just go with the feeling instead of trying to fight it
But I don't know what I'm feeling, I'm way too indecisive
I swear I gotta get you outta my head
And after all there's no undoing what we did in this bed
You know that feeling when you think it's too good to be true
But I can never reminisce, wish it would've be you
It goes dun, dun, dun
This the type to get Chris to co-sign
Swear I'm gonna be at the top in no time
I'm in the back of the class and spinning dope rhymes
Like I gotta show mine
Need to step up and prove myself
Feeling like I can't take a break, 'cause I'm a shark
But I don't take the bait, I can take the hate
Saying I got tough skin, none of you chop swing
making it clear I'm the man of a guild
Put a month in
Try to decide, give the boy a chance
Promise that you don't want to miss this
I'm gonna be a long time, gonna be a long ride
Pull up and you ready to
Got the time to witness
Kiss, kiss

"Lucky You" Freestyle

I'm back on my rappin' and shit
So many rappers are claiming they trap and are really just acting and shit
I put the pen in the pad then I'm back to the lab with my passion and shit
And I gotta give 'em my all if they give me the ball, ain't passin' that shit
Everybody used to call me a joke and that's how it goes, but what can I say
Anyone who ever doubted me, sayin' they proud of me, better get out of the way
I got way too many people who were never with me tryna tell me never to change
Different city every week, tour on repeat, my life is never the same
They don't care about what's real, even my skill, told me to get your numbers up
Then I went to sign a deal, I got some appeal, now I'm really comin' up
Label told me that they want some shit that hits them hard, I gave 'em an uppercut
'Cause I ain't comin' for the neck of every single rapper, you can never shut me up

I've been on a roll and I be killin' all these motherfuckers left to right though
Was gone for a minute but I'm back in fight mode
They be tryna snatch the mic though
But I can spit a verse and I'll have your mind blown
You do not want to get on my bad side, might punch lines, will give you a black eye
Said I couldn't rap 'cause I'm not a black guy, but I grew up in the heights, if you ask that's why
Look, all y'all racist see everybody ridin' waves
And I am not so basic, I am not complacent, think it's time to face it
All these up and comers think they run the game, I'm running out of patience
Everybody tryna copy paste it, I'm the only me, so you cannot replace it, you just jog your races
Every verse I spit is 'boutta cause some hatred but it's awesome ain't it
Everybody always askin' me, how do I deal with the pressure
I tell 'em too many times, too many lies, and I do not find it impressive
I just be bodying rhymes, give me a sign, and I put a line on a stretcher
They want a piece of the pie, give 'em a slice, and now we got beef over cheddar

Too many people are countin' on me, so I had to go and get my hunger back
'Cause ain't nobody really rappin' anymore, swear to God I had enough of that
And whatever happened to spittin' fire, gettin' sick and tired of the mumble rap
So I'm makin' a promise to give 'em my everything, even if I don't get nothin' back
'Cause every time I'm on the mic, I'm an immortal god, this shit is more than a job
2019, I'm tryna get even, I'm easily beating the odds
Shout-out to all of my teasers who told me I couldn't, they were just feeding me lies
Sorry to all of my peers who weren't on the wave but I had to leave them behind
Had to pick it up or be gone in a quick minute
Like get lost or get with it
I'm makin' them cough, I'm sick with it
Can't put me in a box, my limit is infinite, but I'm on my grind, gotta take my steps
Waste no time and I waste no breath
All I do is rhyme, never chase a cheque
'Cause all I want is to gain respect

This is all from the heart
This is more than an image
Treat every game like a playoff, even if it's a scrimmage
I'm in this for the culture, y'all chase after percentage
Challenge me, I'll leave you bleeding like the end of a sentence
I didn't catch that line, it's a period, chill, it ain't that serious
When I write a verse, I try to convert everyone who's hearing it
I want to be one of the greatest ever, tryna take the state of rap and make it better but to do that it's like tryna change the weather so my goal is to stay forever

I'm just a kid with a flow, I'm just a kid with a goal
I'm just a little white boy from the land but they lookin' like they seen a ghost
You would've thought I was gettin' this bread, with the way I've been on a roll
Regardless of how many dollars I'm earning, I still be workin' like I'm broke
Everybody want a piece of this but they ain't work long nights, no sleep for this
I got a whole family I wanna feed with this, I had to pass mixtapes on the street for this
With so many doors shut on repeat for this, I'm a dog, but I'm comin' off the leash for this
I'm the man in my city, like Bruce Wayne, I'm runnin' like Usain
Your veins can't compete for this
And y'all don't know what to expect, but judging by the way that I'm actually rappin', as soon as you listen to it
You be thinking it's hard to believe that it's actually happening
I am attacking it like it's a dragon and I got the javelin, bitch I am accurate
They just like, "Man, this kid is immaculate"
Understand that none of this happened on accident

They word it drizzy back in '09 'cause I want this shit forever
And when they talk about pioneers, I'll be one of the artists that they remember
Shout-out to Joyner Lucas for the inspiration, you be keeping this shit together
And shout-out the YBNs, and the Tokens, and all the youngins that been puttin' in effort
I'mma make sure that I thank you all if I ever see your ass out in public
So many gimmicks, it's really refreshing that y'all got the passion I fell in love with
And I ain't sayin' everything is whack, but I really questioned a readjustment
'Cause the game, it turned into a fashion show when you need color dreads if you want to run it

Gimme a minute to finish it, I'll take a beat and diminish it, and everybody sayin' why they never reaping the benefits
But I gotta get a bench so everybody'll benefit, 'cause I feel like they ain't really seen a kid in his element
'Cause the game been lacking passion, let's just rap again
And it's time to put that real shit that you feel back on the map again
So I'm back again like

"Do or Die"

It's the fire burning
Uh, uh-uh, yeah

Uh, I'm still the same kid, visions a little clearer
Tryna become the man that I wanna see in the mirror
Getting older and bigger now mom's starting to tear up
'Cause there were many people who said I wouldn't be here
But I knew deep in my heart that I had ice in my veins
And I ain't special I just know I'm not created the same
So when a pussy motherfucker says to stay in my lane
I cannot help but write a verse that puts me up there with Jay
I study the greats and I do what it takes to get there
If I want to be the captain I'm supposed to make the ship steer
So that being said, I got the passion so I'm destined to last
A bright future why the fuck do I still dwell in the past?

I felt alone because people couldn't understand me
And that goes for my teachers, for my friends, and all my family
I wish that I could find a better reason but I can't
'Cause I just wanna tell my grandma that her boy just won a Grammy
So many of us wonder if we're meant for more than this
I promise that we gotta purpose and I'm sure of it
But fame is just an ego trip that forces you to lie again
Bitch I'm insecure and I'm tired of fucking hiding it

This is not a gimmick that’s gone in an instance
I gotta be putting my heart on a sleeve
Fuck a barrel of money 'cause there ain't nobody that’s doing it harder than me
And Imma accustomed to barely budging so I find it funny they try to compete
'Cause this is more than just an image, motherfucker this is me
Boy I'm dangerous
I'm glad that they came at us
They said my dreams were crazy, well good thing I'm insane enough
Like haters come and step to me
Don't make me embarrass you
'Cause I am better than half of the rappers you compare me to
This is for everybody who said I wasn't built for this shit
Man just a year ago I think I would've kill for this shit
All the blood, sweat, and tears I had spilt on this shit
I'm just tryna show the world that I'm for real with this shit
And I've always worn my heart up on my sleeve
I remember I used to rap till I could barely fucking breathe
So I ain't playing when I say this shit is do or die
This is more than just a hobby this is keeping me alive

Shit is keeping me alive
Shit is keeping me alive
Shit is keeping me alive
Shit is keeping me, shit is keeping me

"Scared of the Dark" / "Let's Begin"

Sick of these rappers who's playing puppets
Sick of the artists who's saying nothing
Sick of the wannabe up-and-comers
Who come in this game fronting
And claiming they 'bout to run it
Sick of the shit that I feel inside
In case you didn't know, always been a victim of pride
But I ain't Mr. Miyagi, it's hard to pick up a fly
I been spilling the truth, it gets hard to pick up a lie
'Cause people disappear as soon as they see you fade
And even the brightest star will leave me stuck in the shade
And I barely got my shine, I been accustomed to rain
But I promise when it's done they goin' remember the name
Boy it's Conor
I'm cutting all my distractions
I'm back and better than ever
I'm sick of being a fraction
'Cause half of 'em tryna say I ain't have it
But deep within I know I'm just getting started
I got my eyes on the target
Now let's begin

In Real Life

"Eyes Closed"

Although this is Conor's only song where he didn't write his own rap, he performs his own version live, but on occasion uses the original, like for Planet Hollywood when the band had a release party for their album. During the show, he created his own freestyle when the top eight recorded, but it involved issues legally since Conor was still a contestant at that time and would have to get a percentage. Because of the inability to create his own, he considered not going any further before realizing that he couldn't let people down. It worked out in the end, because he now gets to write his own.

Holy smokes, I'm lucky
She the homie, she so funny
Watch 'em racing to the money
We just crashing on these dummies
From a princess to a queen
Still the finer things don't impress her
She a real one so I never gotta question

Got me going crazy, baby I can never replace you
This is more to me than just love, girl
I got places I can take you
From a princess to a queen
Still the finer things don't impress her
I'm a king I've just been missing my Coretta

How come everybody wanna test me
Like I ain't got a reason to be killing them
Never keeping a hundred 'bouta keep a million
Ain't nobody was on now everybody be filling them
We're the best Real Life on the map now
Head a minute now they wonder where it's at now
Stand back 'cause we only attack now
Better know that nothing's ever holding me back now

"Tattoo (How 'Bout You)"

Uh, cutting all my distractions
No tasks 'cause baby I don't want no attachments
Maybe this is perfect and I'm overreacting
But maybe I'm just missing something I haven't had yet
How 'bout you?
You really think that we could work together
But if it don't last you gonna hurt forever
You say maybe we should give it a chance
Cancel our plans and really hope that you understand, it's like

"How Badly"

Now you can tell me that you wanna be the one for me
See, you can promise, but your word just ain't enough for me
Now this one you better keep 'cause I ain't playin' no games
No intersection on the street it's gotta go both ways
I'm tryin' to stay in my lane, pero te quiero de más
Quisiera ser el que te gusta, mami, dime no más
I just want your affection, but all you seek is attention
Baby girl I only got one question, let me know how

"Crazy AF"

Uh, look
Now this was back before I even knew a thing
Besides, you were the type I seen up on a movie screen
And even though it's hard to tell her that you got plans
She got a body that'll make a preacher say "hot damn"
Haha, yeah
But through it all, I still love her the same
'Cause you appreciate the sun when it comes after the rain
Take the puddles and just wash away
Nah, I ain't making this up, girl, you crazy so what
But damn, I think I'm in love, ha

"She Do"

Yeah, uh
I've been taking my time and all
But I still spend it on you
She the type of girl that you fantasize about
Everything that she do
With my eyes closed, and you open them
Said I've had enough, here we go again
And she told me trust, there's no need to rush
And we undercover, in slow-motion now like

Don't Go

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
If she a part of me, pardon me if I'm bein' blunt
Give it all to me, but I'll never be what you want
You tellin' me that you good, that only causes confusion
If you never state the problem, you'll never find a solution
Why you got me losin' sleep over shit we used to dream about?
We just gotta beat the odds 'til they even out
I'ma always lift you up when you seemin' down
And that's love, something you don't know a thing about
But if I'm gonna be the one, then I gotta set the example
Now I'm fillin' up the water, it's gettin' harder to handle
And I don't wanna break, it's gettin' harder to take
I been patient all my life, it's gettin' harder to wait
Gettin' hard to mistake all the facade and the fake
I'm spittin' lyrical miracles, oh my God, I'm a saint
I always had a desperate obsession of bein' great
Feel I'm bustin' with the flow so you know that there's no debate



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