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Jonathan Daniel "Jon" Klaasen (born January 10, 1998) is an American singer-songwriter and actor from Greenwood, Indiana. He has a younger brother named Joey Klaasen (born April 10, 1999). As a solo artist, he released an album in May 2017, which has 10 songs, including “Holding Me Back”, “Misunderstanding” and “Bench By The Water”.[1]

He was in a band formed by Simon Cowell called "Forever In Your Mind" with Emery Kelly and Ricky Garcia (2013-2014). Liam Attridge would be his replacement in the trio band. He also worked on the show Royal Crush in 2014 with the role of Noah.[2] In 2017, he appeared in an episode of the TV series Chat Like Love and also auditioned for Boy Band with Oasis’ song "Wonderwall". He made it in the top thirty, but was eliminated in the second episode.

In May 2018, he played David Bowie in the short musical, This Is Me. Recently, he and his girlfriend, Elyssa Joy, released a single called “Best I Can” and have done a music video.[3]



  • 2017: "Coming Back"
  • 2017: "Persistence"
  • 2017: "Holding Me Back"
  • 2017: "Irreplaceable"
  • 2017: "Bench by the Water"
  • 2017: "Starting Over"
  • 2017: "Misunderstanding"
  • 2017: "Gentleman"
  • 2017: "Persistence (Remix)"
  • 2017: "Blame Games"
  • 2018: "Best I Can" (feat. Elyssa Joy)


★ When Jon Klaasen received a guitar for his 9th birthday, it changed his life forever.

★ He was in countless plays as a kid, was in multiple bands, and almost got a record deal twice.

★ Jon was in a 3-person boy band in high school and moved to LA with his mom. Jon eventually left the group to go home.

★ Jon currently lives in a pool house in LA trying to make it as a professional singer. For work, he currently live streams 5 days a week for a major platform.

★ His friends would describe Jon as having to be the center of attention and full of energy. He loves to be around people and interact with his followers.

★ Jon was on a web series called Royal Crush with AwesomenessTV where he got the opportunity to film in London, Paris, and Spain.[4]

★Jon is in a band called On The Outside with Andrew Bloom, Dawson Huckabee, Devin Hayes, and Sam Jenkins.


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