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Gianni Cardinale (born August 7, 2000) is an American singer and dancer from Las Vegas, Nevada. He has two brothers: Santino Cardinale (born October 30, 1998) and Dante Cardinale (born July 16, 2001).

Cardinale rose to fame as a member of the brotherly trio TMPTR (pronounced Tempter) who released the 2016 single "Is It Too Late?"[1][2] Brooke Kier made an appearance in the music video, which is assumedly how she and Gianni met. His first foray into entertainment was as a dancer in Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away in 2012. Like his brother, Santino Cardinale, he competed on the 2017 ABC television series Boy Band with Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud", but was eliminated in the first episode. In November 2018, the band split to pursue in different dreams, still supporting each other along the way.[3]

He is currently dating muser Brooke Kier, celebrating their one year anniversary on May 12, 2018.[4]


★ The previous name of the band was Thr3Card. TMPTR is pronounced as "Temperature."

★ He doesn't like karaoke.

★ Gianni is a natural leader, especially in the boy band with his brothers.

★ He is a ladies' man and the "edgy one" of his group.

★ Gianni loves to dance, play the piano, and play basketball.

★ He takes pride in his fashion sense. Style is extremely important to Gianni.

★ As a kid, Gianni performed with his brother Santino as a dancer in the Cirque Du Soleil "LOVE" show on the Vegas strip.

★ Gianni and his brothers were in a show at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino for three months performing an energetic 75-minute show.

★ He loves video games and flag football.[5]

★ On October 13, 2018, he got a tattoo. He chose a triangle because it represents him and his brothers, who "have always held one another together and and have always balanced each other out".[6]