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In Real Life are in San Diego, California. The background song is "Tonight Belongs to You".


[The band are in their van in San Diego, ready to go to soundcheck. CHANCE PEREZ is in the view of the camera.]

  • SERGIO CALDERON: "Do you guys want to just do each song?
  • CHANCE PEREZ: "I'm Chance. We're In Real Life, and we're about to go do our soundcheck."

[In REAL LIFE are onstage, practicing for their show.]

[Camera shifts to an interview with the radio channel, 93.3, with a sponsorship with Jerome's Furniture.]

  • RADIO HOST: "Channel 933 kick it off. What is up? I got In Real Life. Now, we saw each other a couple of months ago and you all look different now. What happened?"
  • SERGIO CALDERON: "Do we actually?"
  • CHANCE PEREZ: "Well we all changed."
  • RADIO HOST: "You changed!"
  • MICHAEL CONOR: (reading a paper) "Channel 933 is how I get to - hm, that's messed up. Channel 933 is how we get to you."

[In a photoshoot with the entire band.]

  • PHOTOGRAPHER: "On three, 1, 2, and 3..."

[CHANCE, SERGIO, and BRADY are outside, filming a photoshoot.]

[The episode ends with IN REAL LIFE performing.]



Real Life with In Real Life - Episode 18 San Diego



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