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Video by Milton Milz, In Real Life sing the national anthem at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, as well as take a tour around Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida.


[IN REAL LIFE enter their van, ready to travel to Bay Lake, Florida.]

  • SERGIO CALDERON: "Boys and girls. Let's hit the road. Ooh that's gonna go in the video."

[After DREW RAMOS introduces, clips are shown of the band trying on apparel.]

  • DREW RAMOS: "We're going to the merch shop right now. Get some more boomerang content for Disney."

[IN REAL LIFE walk around exploring Disney World.]

[After the band meet a person dressed from Sleeping Beauty as MALEFICENT.]

[As IN REAL LIFE walk downtown, they discuss which Disney character they will be.]

[The clip of IN REAL LIFE singing the national anthem is shown.]



Real Life with In Real Life - Episode 16 National Anthem @ ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex


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