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[JOHN CLUBB slaps SERGIO CALDERON's shoulder as he and the band are walking outside to their destination.]

[IN REAL LIFE are with the radio station, the Bert show (99X) in Atlanta, Georgia.]

  • RADIO HOST: "In Real Life in studio with the Bert show. How are you guys doing? I love how you each individually come from so many different places to come together to form one group. So, now that you guys been together for a little while, I wanted to play a little game and see how well you guys know each other. Okay, I'm going to start with Brady. Does Chance have any tattoos?"
  • SERGIO CALDERON: "Yes, many."
  • BRADY TUTTON: (hesitantly) "Um, he has a rose on his bicep. He has his daughter's birthday on his chest. And your grandmother's birthday on your shoulder with a moon."
  • RADIO HOST: "Wow, Brady."
  • SERGIO CALDERON: "You're missing one."
  • MICHAEL CONOR: (immediately after SERGIO) "You're missing one."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "And then there's a spade."
  • CHANCE PEREZ: "That's with the roses."
  • SERGIO CALDERON: "You're missing one - you're missing the main one."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "And then there's the microphone flower."
  • RADIO HOST: "What is Drew's favorite food?
  • CHANCE PEREZ: "Oh boy, I don't know that one."
  • MICHAEL CONOR: "I know, I know, I know it. Taco Bell, bro."
  • CHANCE PEREZ: "Taco Bell's your favorite? Ah."
  • RADIO HOST: "Did Sergio play any sports?
  • DREW RAMOS: "Yes, he played soccer, and he was captain on the soccer team--that's why he's such a great leader."
  • RADIO HOST: "Did Michael have a pet growing up?"
  • MICHAEL CONOR: "I swear to God if you get this wrong."
  • SERGIO CALDERON: "And we just talked about this too, huh? I'm going to say yes."
  • RADIO HOST: "Alright--"
  • MICHAEL CONOR: "I've been rooming with him the past like two weeks and he still doesn't know."

[A clip shows the band performing "Finesse" and then backstage.]

[DREW RAMOS is dragging three suitcases outside.]

[Back in the radio station.]

  • SERGIO CALDERON: "It was fun."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "I mean, I already said--" (tugging the microphone closer, he accidentally rips it off, and then stares, horrified. The rest of the people in the room applaud.)

[The episode ends with MICHAEL flipping his water bottle, SERGIO kicking it back with his heel and laughing.]



Real Life with In Real Life - Episode 15 Radio Tour


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