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In Real Life take fans behind the scenes of their music video, "Tattoo (How 'Bout You)".


[DREW RAMOS and CHANCE PEREZ give an introduction to the episode, standing outside in front of their van.]

[They both struggle to get inside the van.]

[SERGIO CALDERON is somewhere in Downtown LA.]

  • SERGIO CALDERON: "Wassup! Uh... It's Sergio. I'm under a bridge somewhere downtown in LA. We're behind the scenes for the video shoot of our new single, Tattoo--(almost knocked over when BRADY TUTTON enters, hugging him)--this is Brady."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "It's about to be lit."
  • SERGIO CALDERON: "It's gonna be dope - stay tuned."

[DREW has an arm wrapped around MIKAYLA.]

  • DREW RAMOS: "So guys, this is Mikayla. This is the beautiful girl that is going to be in our music video today."
  • MIKAYLA: "Hello."

[BRADY sits in a car, which is part of the video shoot.]

  • BRADY TUTTON: "Yo wassup, it's Brady, I'm chillin' in a Mustang. This is going to be the craziest video ever."

[Camera shifts to a clip of MICHAEL CONOR.]

  • MICHAEL CONOR: "What's up guys, it's Michael. We're on the set of Tattoo right now, just wrapped up the final scene, 'bouta go shoot one more. It's been a blast. Can't wait for you guys to see it."

[All of IN REAL LIFE are on set, having done their choreography at a faster speed, which plays for a moment after SERGIO's last line.]

  • SERGIO CALDERON: "We just tried to do the song double speed. That did not go well."
  • MICHAEL CONOR: "Wait did you get that on video? Dude, that's so funny."
  • SERGIO CALDERON: "So it's gonna play in like two seconds - watch it go boom."

[MICHAEL is with CHANCE and BRADY, outside where it looks like nighttime.]

  • MICHAEL CONOR: "Just wrapped up the Tattoo music video. We're super pumped for you guys to see it. Coming out... sometime soon."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "--soon. It's super dope. There's a lot of really, really pretty shots, we had a lot of fun doing it."
  • MICHAEL CONOR: "Really pretty."



Real Life with In Real Life - Episode 12 Tattoo (How 'Bout You) Video Shoot BTS


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