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In Real Life perform at The Roxy. Their single "Eyes Closed" plays in the background.


[BRADY introduces the episode, giving a tour at the house.]

  • BRADY TUTTON: "Tonight we're playing at The Roxy. So, super excited for all the people that are going to that. And, uh, it's kind of like our first like real concert so really, really excited about that."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "Yo wassup you all, we chillin'. We want to give you guys a little tour of the house, so--"
  • CHANCE PEREZ: (burps)
  • BRADY TUTTON: "Awesome. Come say what's up."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "Oh yeah, this is Elton John's house. In the kitchen, all your amenities. There's a little scary basement so we don't have to look at that, but I personally have not gone down there yet."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "Mike is in here. He chills. This is where he hides."
  • MICHAEL CONOR: (holds up a peace sign) "What's going on?"
  • BRADY TUTTON: "Just playing pool. Extreme-sport, so things happen. Injured myself. Think I'll live, not sure."
  • SERGIO CALDERON: "Right now we're getting ready to head out, start driving to The Roxy theatre."

[IN REAL LIFE arrive at the theatre, and head backstage. MICHAEL hypes them up, all five in a huddle].



Real Life with In Real Life - Episode 11 The Roxy Show, LA


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