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It is In Real Life's last week at The Compound in Orlando, Florida.


[After a mini intro, GABBRIELLE WRIGHT interview IN REAL LIFE, who all sit in the rehearsal room. The order (left to right) is SERGIO, BRADY, CHANCE, MICHAEL, AND DREW.]

  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "Hi, this Gabbrielle Wright, your host of "Real Life With In Real Life"."
  • IN REAL LIFE: "Hi."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "How you doing?"
  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "Well, you spent a week here in Orlando, Florida, at the compound. So, how did you guys like it?"
  • DREW RAMOS: "It's so cool, like being able to wake up in the morning and just like have everything here like bowling and stuff."
  • MICHAEL CONOR: "I'm a big basketball fan so like, just having like a full court is like super cool for me."
  • CHANCE PEREZ: "There's a lot of fun things to do here at the compound. Like, for example, we're in our rehearsal room right now which we use everyday."
  • SERGIO CALDERON: "The whole process that we went through was super dope. Knowing that all the other acts that Johnny [Wright] has had have gone through this.
  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "So how did you guys like working with your Orlando choreographer and vocal coach for the first time?"
  • DREW RAMOS: "I learned a lot from Gerry. Gerry seems like he knows a lot when it comes to vocals and stuff and he's definitely made me a better singer so just to have him everyday throughout the week was really cool."
  • CHANCE PEREZ: "Gerry's our vocal coach and D-Black is our choreographer and we learned a lot from them."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "D-Black and Gerry really understand us as a group. You know, working with D-Black I feel like he really understands us as a group and our abilities and how to bring out the best of us."
  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "Well, I had a blast hanging out with all you guys and you worked really, really hard so I hope to see you soon."

[The interview wraps up and IN REAL LIFE introduce themselves.]

[GABBRIELLE walks from The Compound, ending the episode off.]

  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "Well, that's it for here at the compound in Orlando, Florida. It's been great giving you guys a sneak peek of In Real Life's time here. And I am Gabbrielle Wright, so I'll see you later."



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