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In Real Life go to the trophy room, which sell Michael Jordan branded footwear, apparel and memorabilia.


[The episode begins with GABBRIELLE WRIGHT introducing the place that IN REAL LIFE are going to. There are clips of In Real Life looking around the shop.]

  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "Hi, I am Gabbrielle Wright, for "Real Life With in Real Life". Today, the guys are getting a special treat. They get to shop at one of the world's greatest stores: Trophy Room, owned by Michael Jordan's son. Let's see how this goes."

[The camera takes a brief pause to stay on Marcus Jordan, who explains the exclusivity of collections they get.]

  • MARCUS JORDAN: "We just dropped the first shoe retail from our 1230 display. You can't get them anyone else. It's exclusively."



Real Life with In Real Life - Episode 08 Trophy Room


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