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The choreographer, D-Black, instructs In Real Life.


[An overview of the boy's training begins, all of IN REAL LIFE in the dance studio in Orlando, Florida.]

  • D-BLACK: "If you only have a couple of moves to do, those moves have to be on point. They gotta be like hit-hard and right hands and everything."

[Scene changes back to the overview before the band does the choreography for their cover of Bruno Mar's "That's What I Like".]

  • D-BLACK: "Give me a thing. This how you do it."
  • IN REAL LIFE: "Gold jewelry shining..."
  • D-BLACK: "Strawberry--"

[Overview plays before feedback from D-Black begins.].

  • D-BLACK: "All you gotta do is just get the rest of the things done. Then you fine. It's just little small things, that's it. But you gotta work on your character ethic. Work on who you are. You know who you are, just bring it to the stage, that's what I'm saying."

[The host of the series, GABBRIELLE WRIGHT, interviews D-BLACK].

  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "Let's meet the Orlando choreographer, D-Black. So what do you have planned for them this week?"
  • D-BLACK: "Well Gabbrielle, what I'm going to do is I'm going to look at the guys individually. And also look at them as a group and see what I need to do and assess their abilities and their choreography and stuff like this. And then take a look at the choreography that they have already and enhance it and get it to that show quality that we're all looking forward to."
  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "Okay, thank you very much, D."



Real Life with In Real Life - Episode 05 Choreography


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