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After introducing themselves to the vocal coach, Gerry Williams, In Real Life begin their training with their vocals.


[In Orlando, Florida. IN REAL LIFE introduce themselves to GERRY WILLIAMS, before beginning to exercise.]

  • CHANCE PEREZ: "Hey what's up, I'm Chance."
  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "Gerry."
  • CHANCE PEREZ: "Gerry?
  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "Nice to meet you."
  • CHANCE PEREZ: "Nice to meet you man."
  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "What's up buddy."
  • SERGIO CALDERON: I'm Sergio. Nice to meet you."
  • BRADY TUTTON: "Yo, what's up. Hey. I'm Brady."
  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "How you doing?"
  • DREW RAMOS: "I'm Drew. Nice to meet you."
  • CONOR SMITH: "'Sup. I'm Michael."
  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "I'm Gerry."
  • CONOR SMITH: "Nice to meet you."
  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "You too."
  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8..."

[IN REAL LIFE begin their cover of "Havana", with CONOR SMITH on the violin.]

  • CHANCE PEREZ: "Havana, ooh na na. Half of my heart is in Havana ooh na, na. She took me back too easily na, na, na..."
  • IN REAL LIFE: All of my heart is in Havana, there's something 'bout her manners, Havana ooh na, na..."

[The camera switches to a different clip.]

  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "Ready? Go."
  • IN REAL LIFE: (harmonizing) "Oooh."

[CHANCE PEREZ laughs.]

  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "Alright, good. Try to sustain that. Alright, can we do that? Ready, go."
  • IN REAL LIFE: (harmonizing) "I love you so, sonny boy... sonny boy."


  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "Hi. It's Gabbrielle Wright, and this is real life with In Real Life. Today I'm with Mr. Gerry Williams, the guys' Orlando vocal coach. So, how was it like working with the guys this week?
  • GERRY WILLIAMS: "Well, it's been a real pleasure. We're in boot camp mode, so we're working really hard and we're doing a lot of conditioning at the same time. We're not just singing, we're doing a lot of physical stuff. I see something in this group that I haven't seen in a long time. There's a special connection there - and also there's, uh, with them having raw talent that they have. Their ability to take what I'm saying to them and turn it back around real quick... That's really cool that they can do that. I think we have something special here, you know and I see them being very successful in the future.
  • GABBRIELLE WRIGHT: "Alright, thank you very much."



Real Life with In Real Life - Episode 04 Vocal Training


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