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The intro to the episode series begin, starting off with an introduction by the "host" named Gabbrielle Wright, who appears in a total of eight episodes.


[In the compound in Orlando, Florida.]

  • GABBRIELLE: "Hi, my name is Gabbrielle Wright. And I'm the host of 'Real Life with In Real Life'."

[GABBRIELLE gestures to the plaques on the wall behind her.]

  • GABBRIELLE: "As you can see behind me, these are many of the plaques of some of the artists that have come and visited the compound. Some come to rehearse, some come to record, and some come just to have fun."

[Camera pans over the various activities at the compound and the studio as GABBRIELLE continues.]

  • GABBRIELLE: "Today, I'll be showing you around the compound, and telling you what In Real Life has to do while they're here in Orlando, Florida. While the boys are here, they get to play basketball, volleyball, to swim in the pool, play arcade games, bowl, and spend a lot of time rehearsing. Making their next hit record. And an intense workout while they're here."

[Camera goes back to GABBRIELLE.]

  • GABBRIELLE: "As you can see, for the next week In Real Life will be put through the paces with physical training, choreography, vocal lessons, and so much more. I'm going to give you a sneak peak of what it takes for In Real Life to prepare for their upcoming performances. So hang out with me, Gabrielle Wright: your host of Real Life With In Real Life. We'll have a lot of fun."



Real Life with In Real Life - Episode 01 Intro


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