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"Cherry" is the third single by Chance Perez. He posted a snippet to his Twitter account on December 11, 2020.[1] On November 4, 2021, he announced it to be released later that month.[2]


You're sweet like cherry
And you're all I need
Unearthing, just for me
How special I must be

Oh, cherry
Lying under, diamond sky
How you redesign my mind
So beautiful I cry
Oh, hm

You're sweet like cherry
Fragrant over me
A bouquet of memories
But the scent is bittersweet

Oh, cherry
How many times have I said I'm sorry?
How foolish I must be
To let you up walk away from me

Oh, cherry
Please come back to me
I'm waiting patiently
And I'll follow your lead

Oh, cherry
Are you over me?
If you change what you believe
Then you know where I'll be
Oh, cherry
I need you, I need you babe
I need you babe
You loved me yesterday
And now you've gone away


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