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Songs by members of In Real Life solo or together with a music video.
*This excludes music videos from other artists, with the exception of what the band covers (if it contains themselves - ex: "Beautiful"). Music videos that they are featured in (e.g "How Much" do not count as they are only shown, but not their own music.

In Real Life

Chance Perez

  1. "I'm So Tired... (Undecided)"
  2. "Cool"

Drew Ramos

  1. "Beautiful"
  2. "Get You"
  3. "Soarin"
  4. "I'm So Tired... (Undecided)"

Michael Conor

  1. "My Dawgs"
  2. "Shine"
  3. "Lucky You"
  4. "Do or Die"

Sergio Calderon

  1. "My Love"

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