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Camry "Cam" Jackson (born March 22, 1998) is an American singer-songwriter. He is from Willingboro, New Jersey, growing up singing in church choir. He comes from a performing family; his dad is a singer, mom was a dancer, elder brother is an actor and his other brother is a professional backup dancer. He graduated from Willingboro High.

Before he was on the show Boy Band, Camry was a junior at Bloomfield College of New Jersey where he studied broadcast journalism. He auditioned for ABC's Boy Band with John Legend's "Ordinary People", and ended in the top 13.

From January 2018-present, he is in the band, 4th Ave.


  • "'Do I have airpods?' No I don’t, I’m not basic."
  • "4th Ave is the best basketball playing boy band ever. You know why? 'Cause of me."


★ His height is 6’3.

★ His shoe size is 12.

★ His favorite color is pink.

★ He is always writing his own music.

★ He went to the Broadway Dance Academy in New York - he was professionally taught in tap, jazz and hip hop.

★ He has been in a cover band that did hip hop and pop music.

★ He enjoys performing in a group and creating together - even if there is conflict that needs to be worked through.

★ He is inspired by John Legend and early 2000s R&B music.

★ In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and playing basketball.

★ He's known to be calm and is able to get along with everyone.

★ His favorite music video is Thriller by Michael Jackson and his top musical heroes are Chris Brown and Usher.[1]

★ If he could listen to only one genre for the rest of his life, it would be hip hop.

★ His favorite candy is Warheads.

★ When choosing between Twitter and Instagram, he prefers Twitter.

★ His favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys.

★ He hates cats.

★ He didn’t think Canada was real.

★ His favorite overall artist is Kanye.