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― Brooklyn was not planned. She's a miracle. And when she came, it was the happiest day of my life.[src]

Brooklyn Louise Smith (born July 10, 2015 in Miller Children's and Women's Hospital Long Beach)[1] is the daughter of Emma Smith and Chance Perez, both having 50% custody of her. Her second name is presumably after Chance's father, whose middle name was "Louie". She currently lives in Seal Beach, California.


  • "Happy Fathers Day Daddy💚 I love you so much, thanks for always playing hide and seek with me"[2]
  • Emma: What would you do if you had a phone?"
    Brooklyn: "I will call Michael Conor."
  • (blowing dandelion) "I wish for.. I can go park with my mom."
  • (to Michael) "Maybe we can go to our home sometime."
  • Brooklyn (holding Barbie doll upside down): "Hey look!"
    Chance: "Oh yeah, she's break-dancing on her head!"
    Brooklyn: "Yeah I'm walking on my head."
  • Chance: "Say good morning."
    Brooklyn: "Bye."
  • Michael: "There's only room for one cuckoo person in the world and that's you."
    Brooklyn: "Uhm, no, that's you."
    Michael: "Uh, don't think so. That's you."
    Brooklyn: "You."
  • Chance: "I love you kiddo."
    Brooklyn: "I love you too."
    Chance: "I love you more. I love you most. I love you the most-est."
    Brooklyn: "No, I love you to twenty."
    Chance: "To twenty?"
    Brooklyn: "Yep."
    Chance: "I love you to twenty-one."
    Brooklyn: "I love you to twenty-two!"
    Chance: "How do I beat that?"
  • Brooklyn (to the Instagram live): "I love you guys!"
    Chance: I love you too!"
    Brooklyn: "No, I said I love you to them."


★ She annually goes to Disney World with her parents for her birthday.[3]

★ Before the show Boy Band, the longest Chance has been away from her was a week and a half.[4]

★ Ever since the show Boy Band, Brooklyn called Michael her boyfriend. Chance figured the obsession began ever since Emma and her mother teased to Brooklyn if Michael was her boyfriend.

★ She got the best resting award in her preschool class.