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Andrew Bloom is an American singer and guitarist who was a contestant on the 14th season of American Idol. He was born on July 10, 1997, from Yorba Linda, California.

He auditioned for Boy Band with Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey" and was eliminated in Episode 7.

He uploads songs on his YouTube, covering songs like Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" and Plain White T's' "Hey There Delilah".


★ Andrew turned to music at a young age because he was not good at sports. He would practice his guitar in his room for hours as his peers were playing sports outside.

★ He was very shy and socially awkward as a young kid and music gave him the confidence to be outgoing. His parents encouraged him to do talent shows and eventually his shyness went away.

★ He's an MMA enthusiast. He trains multiple times a week but has never been in the octagon. Andrew does get the occasional black eye from sparring at the gym.

★ Andrew still lives at home.

★ He makes a living singing multiple times a week at various bars and restaurants. He's doing ok but doesn't make enough to have his own place.

★ He has a girlfriend and is in love but is not looking to get married anytime soon.[1]