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4th Ave is an American pop boy band comprised of Jaden Gray, Camry Jackson, and Marcus Pendleton. They were vocalists from ABC's reality television series, Boy Band. Their manager is Jared Rosenberg, and musical director Adam Blackstone.[1]


2017-2018: Formation, EP, & Tour

Back in August 2017 after the Boy Band show finale, one of the judges Timbaland suggested that the quartet should form a group, "presenting the opportunity to them".[2][3][4]

4th Ave officially announced their band on January 12, 2018. Their first single "XOXO" was released on February 8, 2018, the music video dropping out two months later on April 12th. They performed at the All Star 2018 in Los Angeles on February 16, 2018.[5][6] In March 2018 they participated in March For Our Lives, performing with Vic Mensa.[7] The dates for their first-ever tour, the Initiation Tour, was announced on April 20, 2018.[8]

Their singles "All I Do" (April 26th), and "Gravity" (May 24th) were released, the latter having its acoustic version out in July. In June they attended the 2018 BET Awards, a ceremony held at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. On July 27th their summer single "So Close" was released along with its music video.

On June 24, 2018, they announced the dropping of their debut EP in August. Initiation EP was released on the seventeenth, including all the previously released singles. The band performed with the BBE House Band, at the VMAs on August 20th, and on August 23rd were featured on Play Out of Tune, singing a few of the greatest boy band throwbacks live.[9][10][11] Along with In Real Life, they attended the event Arthur Ashe Kids Day on August 25th.[12] In September they raised money and awareness for Stand Up To Cancer.[13] and visited the Ryan Foundation at Seacrest Studios in October. Their holiday EP, Winter Break, was released on November 30th. Those who pre-ordered it got the exclusive track of "All I Want".

2019-present: Fun23 Tour, Mikey's Departure, & Music

The Initiation Tour 2.0 began on January 11, 2019 in Seattle, Washington, and ended in Miami, Florida on February 17, 2019. During that time, their single "Us" dropped out, featuring artist Aja9. Later in March 2019, 4th Ave announced of joining American singer Alex Aiono on the Fun23 Tour for the North America leg and released their single "323.894.9108" on March 22th.[14][15] On May 10, 2019, their single "4U" was released. They began touring with Aiono on June 10, 2019 in San Francisco. On July 30, 2019, it was announced of Mikey departing from the band to pursue his own solo career. Planning to replace him with a new member, the group would begin to record their third EP on August 9th.[16] Later they announced on August 21st that they will remain as a trio with their third upcoming EP.


Collectively the band's musical influences include Boys II Men, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber.[1] Jaden mentions their band incorporating sound back in the 80s and 90s, mixing it with a modern twist.[17]



Extended Plays

Title Extended play details

• Released: August 17, 2018
• Label: 4th Ave Music/BASSic Black Ent./Rosenberg Records
• Format: Digital download

Winter Break

• Released: November 2018
• Label: 4th Ave Music/BASSic Black Ent./Rosenberg Records
• Format: Digital download


Title Year Album
"XOXO" 2018 Initiation
"Xoxo (Acoustic)" Non-album single
"All I Do" Initiation
"So Close" Initiation
"Just a Number"
"4 U" (Interlude)
"Us" 2019 Non-album single



  • The Initiation Tour (2018)
  • Worldwide Summer Tour (2019)

Opening act

  • Alex Aiono - Fun23 (2019)


★ Their single "323.894.9108" is their phone number which anyone can text to.


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